What is Hardline?

Hardline is more than just your average bible study. Hardline is a place where youth (6th grade – 12th grade) come together in a safe environment to build relationships, foster creativity, play games, and encounter the gospel of Jesus Christ. Much like a desktop computer can “hardline” into a modem to connect with the rest of the world via the internet, we need to “hardline” into God’s Word, the Bible, in order to connect to Him.

Our Motto:

Connect: By plugging into His Word (Scripture)

Download: What His Word says (Study)

Process: Implement it into our own lives (Strive)

Our goal is to instill Christian principles in every single student, so that they may be reflections of Christ in their homes, their schools, and their communities. Christ came to earth and set an example on how we are to live and has called all of His followers to follow His example. Whether they are alone, with friends, or out in public, we strive to help students conduct themselves in such a manner that honors and glorifies God…IN ALL THAT THEY DO!

Being the Hands and Feet

We always look for ways and opportunities to serve others, and take time to grow personally. We believe that honoring Jesus is more than just a passive train of thought; it means being active and alive, and always being willing to serve others and teach them about the gospel. We also participate in our church's Vacation Bible School, Summer Camp, and Other Activities. 

When We Meet:

Sundays                                                    9:45am-10:45am

Wednesdays                                                                          .

                                                                   Hang Out                                                       6:00pm

                                                                   Games                                                           6:30pm

                                                                   Worship/Bible Study                                      7:00pm


As you all know, COVID-19 has really thrown a kink in all of our plans this year for the whole church. Unfortunately, this includes our plans for summer. A while ago, I had to reschedule our MFuge camp because Lifeway cancelled all of their summer camps for the month of June. After rescheduling, however, the youth ministry team and I have met and decided that it is probably best to not attend summer camp through the Lifeway camps due to all the uncertainties that are still surrounding the state of things all over the entire country. We will not be attending MFuge this year; I have already moved our reservations to next year.

Ok, now for the good news - The youth ministry team and myself have come up with a new plan! What we will now be doing is staying at a few cabins that I have rented at Red Top Mountain State Park. I have reserved 3 cabins for our group to stay in, July 9-11. The following is a tentative schedule for our activities.

  • Thursday, July 9 - We will meet at the church this morning and will drop off all of our gear. After this, we will split up into two groups. One group will have the option to go shopping and get nails done  while the other group will go paintballing and do manly things (maybe bear wrestling too…we’ll see how we feel that day!
  • Friday, July 10 – We will rent a boat or two and spend the day swimming and tubing on the lake.
  • Saturday, July 11 – We will enjoy a lazy morning, and will go see a movie together that afternoon.
  • Sunday, July 12 – We will break camp that morning, and all drive to the church to attend worship service. Every ONE will be dismissed and go their own way after church.

***EVERY evening, we will come together at the campsite and will have dinner, followed by a time of worship and a bible lesson.

Please know that this is tentative and is still open to some changes based on what will be available for us to do. I will keep you all updated as soon as I find out about any changes.

Also, I WILL NEED HELP FROM PARENTS serving as chaperones on our outings, possibly helping with meal prep for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, etc. I will try to have more details about the most needed areas of help soon.

Thank you all for understanding. I know our plans have changed, but I am confident we will be able to have fun, and that God will use this to bring us closer to each other and Himself. Please feel free to message me with any questions/concerns.

In Christ,


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